Mission Statements - Getting Them Right (Part 1)

Mission statements are supposed to help with your:

    • business strategic planning – by providing the long term direction for your organization

    • strategy coaching – by enabling your employees to understand what your organization is trying to accomplish over the long term

In reality, too many mission statements fail miserably at these tasks. They neither assist with business strategic planning, nor with strategy coaching. Most mission statements are just too long, and they just don’t differentiate their organizations. In order to get mission statements that work, we need to follow what I call the “CDW rule”. This rule is that a mission statement should be:

    • concise

    • differentiate your organization

In addition, executives should:

    • walk the talk in the mission statement

Read on to find out more about mission statements and the CDW rule, and thereby become more effective in your strategy coaching, and in your business strategic planning.

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