Brand Positioning Statements - Getting Them Right (Part 4)

Walk the talk

The key issue that brand positioning statements face is that all too many executives just do not walk the talk in their brand positioning statements. This is crucial. Walk the talk – if you want results from your brand positioning statements.

For example, if you have a brand positioning statement which includes “safety” as a brand descriptor, it is essential for every executive associated with the brand to make sure that everything done on the brand focuses on safety – including managers in product development, manufacturing, purchasing, etc. It is essential for all executives to follow the directions in their brand positioning statements if they are to be effective tools for both brand planning and for employee brand education.

Using the CDW rule

It takes effort to develop brand positioning statements that are concise and which differentiate your brands. It takes even more effort to get your fellow executives to walk the talk in your brand positioning statements. But by using the CDW rule you, too, can make your brand positioning statements into something that will help your organization succeed at brand planning, at brand education, and above all with your customers.

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