Brand Positioning Statements - Getting Them Right (Part 3)

Differentiate each of your brands

Differentiate each of your brands in your brand positioning statements. I recommend that every brand positioning statement includes not merely who should buy the brand and why they should buy it, but also the competitive uniqueness of the brand from a customer perspective.

Unfortunately, all too many organizations water down this competitive uniqueness with bland words such as “quality” and “leadership”, failing to differentiate one brand from another. Undifferentiated brand positioning statements fail to give employees any kind of direction for their brands, and thus are ineffective in guiding brand planning and in brand education.

Successful brand positioning statements are finely tuned to the strategic direction of each brand, and thereby differentiate their brands, while leaving clear water between each brand. Successful brand positioning statements make it clear to everyone what the rationale is for each brand, and are therefore effective in guiding both brand planning and brand education.

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