Brand Positioning Statements - Getting Them Right (Part 1)

Brand positioning statements are supposed to help with your:

    • brand planning – by providing the long term direction for your brands

    • brand education – by enabling your employees outside of marketing to understand what you are trying to accomplish with each of your brands

In practice, most brand positioning statements perform both tasks poorly. They do little for brand planning, and not much more for brand education. In order to get brand positioning statements that work, we need to follow the same “CDW rule” as for mission statements. (See Mission Statements – Getting Them Right to learn more about the CDW rule.) In the case of brand positioning statements this rule is that they should be:

    • concise

    • differentiate each of your brands

Above all, executives should:

    • walk the talk in their brand positioning statements

Read on to find out more about brand positioning statements and the CDW rule, and thereby become more effective in your brand education, and in your brand planning.

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