B2B Market Research:

The Three Steps To Successful Business Market Research

(Part 4)

Visit your business customers (cont)

Even now, it never ceases to amaze me just how much valuable information you can learn from actually visiting business customers and going to their factories, offices, or design studios, and spending time talking with their engineers, plant managers, designers, manufacturing personnel, and other staff.

When you put these four steps into effect

Although business customers vary significantly from B2B market to B2B market, I have found that two things never change. That is, if you put these four steps into effect, then:

    • you are more likely to understand the true needs of your business customers, and

    • your business customers are much more likely to want to develop a business relationship with you

No matter which B2B market you are researching, in the end, that is always the key to success in B2B market research.

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