B2B Market Research:

The Three Steps To Successful Business Market Research

(Part 2)

Understand your market (cont)

Then, make sure that you list the business customers in your B2B market, as well as your possible competitors. But, don’t stop with just ascertaining the names of the companies in your market. Also identify the names of the executives at those companies. This, again, is particularly important when entering new markets. Fortunately, LinkedIn and other similar websites and posts typically describe most of the business customers and competitors, along with the executives at those companies.

Learn about your business customers

Business market research depends on learning about your business customers. Start by collecting information from your CRM system, and from your sales team, about your business customers. Then go back to LinkedIn, as well as relevant websites, blogs, and posts to get yet more information about your business customers.

Finally, call your prospects by phone, so that you can obtain confirm the identities of the decision makers and influencers at each business customer, and obtain yet more information about the business issues that they are facing.

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