Treitel Consulting

Richard Treitel has conducted numerous consulting projects mentoring & advising business executives on:

    • business strategic planning

    • potential acquisitions

    • customer and product profitability

    • pricing

    • B2B branding

    • B2B market segmentation

    • developing new products

    • new product innovation

    • speeding up time to market

    • entering new markets

    • business market research (B2B market research)

Richard Treitel combines facilitation skills, marketing expertise, financial analysis, market research, and strategic insight to help his clients:

    • develop new products

    • enter new markets

    • identify and evaluate potential acquisitions

    • create and implement successful market driven business strategies

    • improve their customer and product profitability

For information on Richard Treitel's training practice, go to Training. For more information on Richard Treitel, go to About Richard Treitel, or to see some of our clients, go to our Client List.

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