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Treitel Consulting

Richard Treitel is the founder and president of Treitel Consulting. We list some of the clients for whom he has carried out consulting and training projects in our Client List.

The Economist

Prior to setting up Treitel Consulting, Richard Treitel led strategy, product innovation, business market research (B2B market research), and market entry consulting projects for a series of large industrial multinational clients for The Economist Intelligence Unit, a member of The Economist Group.

JP Morgan Chase and KPMG

Richard Treitel also worked at JP Morgan Chase & Co where he conducted marketing and financial projects. Before joining JP Morgan Chase, Richard Treitel worked for KPMG in their London office.

Richard Treitel's educational background

Richard Treitel, who is a UK Chartered Accountant, has an MBA in marketing from Columbia University, and a BA with Honors in physics from Oxford University.

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